Plants vs. Zombies 2 English version on BlueStacks (PC)

Plants vs. Zombies 2 English version on BlueStacks (PC)

Pvz2 apk and data: , or …



Kuro Usagi says:

Help! There is an error if i want to buy upgrades in plants vs zombies
“Error : Service Unavailable
Either you’re not connected to the internet,
or there are issues connecting to the
application store”

roberto buruiana says:

Follow my instructions and install it.

ka480 says:

I cant get the game to open on bluestacks or googleplay…. What am I doing

Nuno Xavier Oliveira says:

i wanted to download that game in bluestacks google play, and it sayed i
isn¬ęt compatible with this device, what can i do?

roberto buruiana says:

Try to download from Google Play

FroM_CZ Games says:

and when i havent got folder ProgramData ? (windows 8)

BattleFreak10 says:

k, I’ll check it and subscribe here!

roberto buruiana says:

I think the one on Google Play is better, because it have the last version.

BattleFreak10 says:

I just saw Plants vs Zombie 2 on Play Google on Bluestacks, which one is
better? the one here or on Google Play

roberto buruiana says: beta 1

Ju Lius says:

What is your bluestacks version?

roberto buruiana says:

Ar trebui sa-ti apara folderul. Oricum jocul e acum in play strore asa ca
poti sa-l downloadezi de acolo direct.

Andrrey04 says:

Coaie… mie nu-mi apare nici un folder cu Android direct in sdcard si am
facut unul dar imi da tot chestia aia cu download-ul. raspunde-mi si mie te
rog daca stii vreo solutie

Jesper Stromblad says:

help me plz…i follow ur instruction vid but still cant play.

roberto buruiana says:

Look in description(link2)

Xhulio Nurja says:

where do i get the obb file?

mhyxai says:

hey.. where can i find the download link for the obb folder?? thanks a lot

roberto buruiana says:

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